Hub 2020.1 Help

Dashboard Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are supported in the Dashboard:




Ctrl + Enter

+ Return or Enter

Save widget.

Alt + Shift + Insert or
Ctrl + Alt + N

Control + Option + N

Open the Add widget menu.

Alt + Shift + N

Alt + Shift + N

Create new dashboard.

Shift + Left Arrow

Shift + Left Arrow

View previous dashboard.

Shift + Right Arrow

Shift + Right Arrow

View next dashboard.

Shift + Down Arrow

Shift + Down Arrow

Open dashboards list.

Left ArrowLeft Arrow

Select the widget to the left of the current widget.

Right ArrowRight Arrow

Select the widget to the right of the current widget.

Up ArrowUp Arrow

Select the widget above the current widget.

Down ArrowDown Arrow

Select the widget below the current widget.


Open the widget menu.


Deselect widget.

Alt + Shift + R

Option + Shift + R

Refresh all widgets.

Alt + Tab or
Ctrl + Alt + T

Option + T or
Control + Option + T

Toggle preview in Quick Notes widget.

Shift + F1 or
Ctrl + Slash

Shift + F1 or
+ Slash

View keyboard shortcuts.

Last modified: 20 October 2020