Hub 2020.1 Help

Get All Permissions of a Dashboard


GET <REST API URL>/dashboards/{dashboard id}/permissions?fields=string&$skip=int&$top=int




Optional. Returns only the specified subset of the fields for each Permission. Use Fields Syntax to define the subset.


Optional. Lets you set a number of Permissions to skip before returning the first one.


Optional. Lets you set the maximum number of Permissions to return.


Response Code


200 OK

Successful request.

400 Bad Request

At least one of the request parameters is invalid. For example, a required field in the passed JSON object is missing. For details, check the error message in the response.

403 Forbidden

The requester has no access to the requested resource.

404 Not Found

The requested resource was not found.

500 Internal Server Error

Failed to process request because of the server error. For details, check the error message in the response.

Response body

{ "skip": int, "top": int, "total": int, "items": [dashboardPermission, ...] }
Last modified: 20 October 2020