Hub 2023.1 Help

General Guidelines for Connecting JetBrains Teamware

To use Hub as the common user and access management platform for JetBrains teamware.


You can connect the following applications to external Hub service:

  • TeamCity 9.1 and later

  • Upsource 2.0.3 and later

  • YouTrack 6.5 and later

If you use an earlier version, you must upgrade your application to a supported version and then connect to an external Hub service.

Connecting Multiple Applications

The procedure for connecting an application to Hub varies based on whether the application is already running or is a new installation. Existing applications already contain user, group, and project data that need to be migrated to the external Hub service. New applications with empty databases can be connected to Hub during installation.

These circumstances also dictate the order for connecting multiple applications to an external Hub service.

  • Connect existing applications first. For example, if you have a YouTrack installation and want to install Upsource, migrate your YouTrack user and project data to Hub first. You can connect Upsource to the external Hub service during installation. When finished, use the Projects page to create and add resources from Upsource to the projects that were migrated from YouTrack.

  • When you have two or more existing installations, you can connect them to the external Hub service in any order. When all of the applications are connected in Hub, you can manually merge duplicated users, groups, and projects.

  • When you plan on installing two or more new applications, you can connect them to Hub in any order. For new YouTrack and Upsource installations, connect to the external Hub service during installation. For a new TeamCity installation, install the application and upload the JetBrains Hub plugin. When finished, use the Projects page in Hub to create projects and add resources from each connected service.

Connecting Existing Installations

YouTrack and Upsource are bundled with a built-in Hub service that manages user and access management for the application.

To connect an existing YouTrack or Upsource installation with an external Hub service, you need to migrate the user, access, and project-related data.

The Hub Plugin for TeamCity synchronizes user accounts between TeamCity and Hub. To connect an existing TeamCity installation to an external Hub service, simply install and enable the plugin.

Connecting New Installations

When you install YouTrack and Upsource for the first time, you have the option to select an existing Hub service for user management.

To connect a new installation to an external Hub, you must first install, configure, and start the external Hub service.

To connect a new YouTrack or Upsource installation to Hub:

  1. Install the new YouTrack or Upsource application.

  2. In the User Management page of the web-based Configuration Wizard, select the Use External Hub tab.

  3. Enter the Base URL of your external Hub service and verify it.

  4. Finish the setup procedure.

    • When the application starts, it is configured to use the specified Hub service.

The connection between TeamCity and Hub is enabled by a plugin.

To connect a new TeamCity installation to Hub:

  1. Install the new TeamCity application.

  2. Upload the JetBrains Hub plugin. For more information, see the TeamCity documentation.

  3. Restart the TeamCity server.

Last modified: 28 April 2023