Hub 2024.1 Help

Edit Project Settings

The Settings tab lets you to configure the generic properties of a project. The information that is stored in these settings is displayed on the project list and the project overview page.

Hub project settings page.




Sets the name of the project.


Assigns the project to an organization in Hub. Projects that belong to the same parent organization are grouped together on the Projects list.

To learn more about organizations in Hub, see Organizations.


Sets the image that is displayed in for the project in Hub. For new projects, a project logo is generated automatically.

  • To change the logo, click the default image and select a new image file from your computer.

  • To replace a custom logo with an auto-generated image, click the Reset to default button.

Project owner

Assigns ownership of the project to the selected user. When you set the project owner, the selected user is assigned the Project Admin role directly in the project. The project owner also inherits any role that is assigned to the project team.

Note that you can remove the project owner from the project team and revoke the Project Admin role from this user without affecting the Project owner setting.


Optional description of the project.

  • The first line of the description is shown on the project list.

  • The full description is displayed on the project overview page.

You can format the description text using Markdown syntax. A preview of the formatted description is displayed to the right of the input field.

To learn more about formatting text in Markdown, see Markdown Syntax.


Links to the Audit Events page in Hub. There, you can view a list of changes that were applied to this project.

Last modified: 14 March 2024