Hub 2024.1 Help

Connect JetBrains Teamware to Hub

Hub does more than just provide single sign-on and user authentication and authorization in all applications that are connected to it. It also provides shared user, access, and project management through all connected applications. This functionality extends to any external web applications that have been added to the list of services that are available in Hub.

When you integrate external services in Hub, you can:

  • Enable single sign-on for all connected applications. Users can quickly navigate between connected services with the Services Menu.

  • Centrally manage user account details, including display names, email accounts, and VCS usernames.

  • Easily create and manage projects that include resources from TeamCity and YouTrack (like projects, issues, and repositories).

  • Monitor your development projects in a shared Dashboard. The Dashboard supports widgets that display activity for each connected service.

Integration with YouTrack

YouTrack Server is bundled with a built-in Hub service that manages user and access management for the application.

To connect an existing YouTrack installation with an external Hub service, you need to migrate the user, access, and project-related data. For detailed instructions, refer to the YouTrack documentation.

Integration with TeamCity

The JetBrains Hub integration plugin lets users log in to TeamCity using their Hub accounts. It supports synchronization of user details from Hub to TeamCity, including username, display name, email, and VCS usernames. It also synchronizes operations like creating, merging, banning, and deleting user accounts.

The setup and configuration is managed exclusively through the plugin. For more detailed information, please refer to the Overview of the plugin in the JetBrains Marketplace.

Last modified: 25 April 2024