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Community-based Language Support

The Hub user interface is localized for US English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. While this is a good start, there are a lot of other languages out there.

To give you the chance to work with Hub in your language of choice, we support community-based localization. This effort is supported on Crowdin, a cloud-based localization management platform. Here, we upload all the files that contain source strings for translation so you can use the Crowdin translation editor to localize the interface text.

Language Support

The Community-based Localization for YouTrack & Hub project gives us the opportunity to make Hub available in languages that aren't officially supported in the product itself. Several languages with partial translations are available as language options in Hub. These languages can be applied at the global level or as a per-user preference.

The project also supports translations for other languages, including Traditional Chinese and Dutch. When the community has suggested translations for a significant portion of the project files, we will arrange for proofreaders to review these suggestions. Once the suggested translations have been approved, we can make these languages available inside YouTrack as well.

Translating the Hub UI

Translations for languages that have been requested by the Hub community are available in the Community-based Localization for YouTrack & Hub project in Crowdin. This project uses US English as the source language for all localization efforts. Translation from another default language is not supported.

This project contains source strings for both JetBrains YouTrack and JetBrains Hub. The source strings for each application are organized into separate folders inside the project.

This project is open to the public. Anyone who wants to contribute translations is welcome. All you need is a Crowdin account.

To contribute translations for a language:

  1. Access Crowdin in your web browser and log in or sign up for your own account.

  2. Navigate to the Community-based Localization for YouTrack & Hub project.

    Crowdin project for community-based localization in YouTrack and Hub.
  3. Click the language that you want to provide translations for.

  4. Select a file from the list.

    Crowdin project files

    To view all strings in the project, click the Translate All button.

  5. Enter your translations in the Crowdin user interface.

    Crowdin translation interface.
    • Search for and select source strings in the left panel.

    • View the source string and context in the panel above the input area for new translations. When translating all strings, the name of the file that contains the source string is also visible.

    • View suggestions from other community members, translation memory, and machine translations in the panel below the input area for new translations. If you find a suitable translation in the suggestions, click the Use and Save icon to copy it.

    • View comments related to the current source string in the right panel. If you have questions concerning the source string, enter and add your comments here.

Translations that are provided by the user community are not immediately available in Hub.

  • All suggestions must be reviewed and approved by an editor.

  • Approved strings must be included in a Hub build that is released to the public. These strings are only available after the upgrade is applied to the installation or instance.

Project Files

The community-based localization project for YouTrack and Hub stores source strings in a collection of files and folders.

Crowdin project files.
  • Files that are stored in the Hub directory and its subdirectories contain strings that are shown in the user interface for Hub. None of the strings in this project folder are mandatory.

  • Files that are stored in the YouTrack directory contain strings that are shown in the YouTrack UI. Files that are marked with a High priority icon contain mandatory strings.

    To learn more about translating text strings for YouTrack, refer to the YouTrack documentation.

Additional Languages

The Community-based Localization for YouTrack & Hub project supports a handful of languages that were requested by Hub and YouTrack users. If you'd like to add support for another language, take one of the following actions:

  • Message a manager directly in Crowdin. All of the managers are listed on the project home page.

  • Submit a support request. Our support engineers will forward your request to a localization manager.

Just because we support a language in the localization project, that doesn't mean that you'll automatically see this language in Hub. Before any language is enabled in the Hub user interface, our development team verifies that the mandatory strings are localized. If so, we mark the language so that it is available for use in Hub.

Contribution Guidelines

You have no obligation to join this community localization project or to share ideas, suggestions, text, or translations with JetBrains. We are, however, thrilled to have you!

By joining or sharing contributions, you grant JetBrains a royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide, sublicensable, and transferable license to make, use, sell, have made, offer to sell, or import, publicly display or perform, distribute, or modify the contributions.

When you join the project, JetBrains receives the name of your account in our translation system and your email address. To learn how JetBrains works with such data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. By joining the project, you agree that JetBrains may use your account name in the content published by JetBrains to recognize your contribution.

Last modified: 19 April 2024