Hub 2024.1 Help

Delete Groups

When you encounter groups in Hub that are no longer used or were created for a project that is no longer active, you can delete them from the system. You can delete groups from the Groups list, or directly on the group profile page.

The major difference between the delete action and the merge action is that merging preserves specific aspects of the merged groups that are discarded when groups are deleted. For more information, see Merge Groups.

When you delete a group, you select a replacement group that inherits specific references to the group. The group itself, however, is removed from Hub along with its membership and role assignments. The replacement group inherits neither the members nor the role assignments.

To delete one or more groups in the Groups list:

  1. Open the Groups page.

  2. Select one or more groups in the list. Use the search box to narrow down the number of displayed groups.

  3. Click the Delete button in the toolbar.

    Delete group
    • A confirmation dialog opens.

  4. In the confirmation dialog, select a replacement group.

    References to the deleted group in a connected service are set to the selected replacement group.

    For example, if you delete a group that is used as a Visibility group for a project in YouTrack, the replacement group is set as the new Visibility group. Otherwise, the issues that were visible to the deleted group would be visible to all users.

    Delete group confirmation dialog

    Access is granted to members of the replacement group according to their current role assignments.

  5. Click the Delete Group button.

    • The group is deleted from Hub.

    • Roles and access permissions that are granted to the deleted group are revoked from former members of the group.

    • References to the deleted group in all projects and connected services that can be removed safely are deleted.

    • References to the deleted group that cannot be removed safely — for example, issue visibility — are set to the selected replacement group.

    • The ID of the deleted group is added to the replacement group as an alias. API requests that use the ID of the deleted group return the replacement group instead.

Last modified: 25 April 2024