Hub 2023.2 Help

Configure Network Interface Binding for Docker

By default, the Jetty servlet engine and HTTP server used in Hub bind on the network interface. For security reasons, this action may be restricted in some environments.

If you run Hub service inside a docker container, there is no need to change the listen-address. However, you can still do it, using configure command to change the listen-address property.

To customize the network interface binding for a Docker image:

  1. Stop the Hub docker container:

    docker exec <containerId> stop
  2. Run the configure command:

    docker run --rm -it -v <path to conf directory>:/opt/hub/conf \ -v <path to logs directory>:/opt/hub/logs \ jetbrains/hub:<version> \ configure --listen-address=<new network interface address>
  3. Start the Hub docker container:

    docker start <containerId>
Last modified: 08 March 2021