Hub 2023.1 Help

JetBrains Plugins Repository

JetBrains has created a dedicated repository where the community can exchange custom plugins for JetBrains products. With the release of the Custom Widgets feature in Hub, the repository has been updated to serve as a platform for sharing widgets.

The repository itself is integrated directly with your Hub installation. This means that you can browse and install widgets from the repository without leaving Hub. The list in Hub is filtered to show only widgets that are compatible with your Hub installation version. If your Hub installation is out of date, there may be additional widgets in the repository that are only compatible with later versions. To see a complete list of available widgets, browse the plugins repository online.

In Hub, you can only search the list of widgets that are currently installed. When browsing the repository online, you have a few more ways to find widgets faster:

  • Use the search box to find widgets that contain matching keywords in the name or description.

  • Filter the search results by category.

  • Click a tag to show all widgets with this tag.

While it is entirely possible to download widgets from the repository and upload them manually to Hub, we strongly advise against it. If you find a widget in the repository that you want to use, open the Custom Widgets page in Hub and install it from there. This preserves the link between the widget and the repository and lets you install updates quickly when a new version is published.

Last modified: 28 April 2023