Hub 2024.1 Help

Manage User Licenses

On the profile page, you can grant the user licenses for services that limit the number of users who can use the application.

To grant licenses:

  1. Open the profile page of a user.

  2. Click the Grant license button in the Licenses section.

    • The Grant License dialog is displayed.

  3. In the For service drop-down, select the name of a service. You can use the input field to filter the list of services.

  4. Click the Grant license button.

    • The license for the chosen service is granted to the user.

To revoke licenses:

  1. Click the Revoke license button for a target license in the list.

  2. In the displayed dialog, confirm the operation.

    • The licenses are revoked from the selected users and members of the selected groups.

    • The number of licenses in the Available Licenses setting on the service page is updated.

Last modified: 25 April 2024