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Manage User Types

User types in Hub were introduced to support the Helpdesk feature in YouTrack. User types add another dimension to access management in helpdesk projects in YouTrack. Combined with roles and group memberships, user types give you more options to manage user access in YouTrack.

On the Users page, you can see the list of all users with their user types.

The list of all users with user types.

Use the buttons on the right to select or deselect particular user types. For example, this helps when you need to see only the agents or filter out the reporters.

The list of all agents.

There are three user types: standard users, agents, and reporters. These types are associated with the different kinds of people who interact with each other in a YouTrack helpdesk project.

  • Standard users are staff members who don't have the option to post any public comments in helpdesk projects. They can use YouTrack features according to their roles and group memberships.

  • Agents are staff members who can publicly reply to requests submitted by reporters in helpdesk projects. They can use YouTrack features according to their roles and group memberships.

  • Reporters are external users that submit requests to the helpdesk.

To learn more about how these user types are employed in helpdesk scenarios, please refer to the YouTrack documentation.

Changing User Type

As a system administrator, you can change the type of any user. The availability of specific changes may be limited based on the number of standard users or agents that are supported by the current YouTrack license. If, for example, you have reached the maximum number of agents that are supported by the current YouTrack license, you will not be able to select Agent as the user type for an existing account without first switching an existing agent user from Agent to another user type or upgrading the YouTrack license to support additional agents.

To change the type of a user:

  1. From the Administration menu, select Users.

  2. In the Users table, locate the target user and expand the dropdown in the User Type column.

    The user type options menu.
  3. Select the new type for the user.

    • If the current YouTrack license allows it, the type of the user is updated. YouTrack immediately expands or restricts the access of the target user to YouTrack features according to the new user type.

    • If you have reached your current limit of the users of a particular user type, you will see a warning popup informing you about the license limitations.

      In this case, you have two options:

      1. Reallocate existing agent or standard user licenses between other users. To do this, change user types for other user accounts.

      2. Purchase more agent or standard licenses for the YouTrack service.

Last modified: 25 April 2024