Hub 2024.2 Help


The Licenses page displays all the licenses for services that are attached to Hub and their properties. This list includes the license for the Hub service itself.


Edit a License

If you have renewed a license or have upgraded the user pack, you can apply the new license on this page.

To edit a license:

  1. Click the Edit license button.

  2. Edit the name of the license in the License Name input field. For example, change the name from YouTrack to YouTrack 500-user.

  3. Paste the license key into the License Key input field.

  4. Click the Save button.

    • The license is uploaded to the Hub server and applied to the service.

    • The properties of the license are updated.

Delete a License

You can also delete a license from a service. Use this feature only if you migrated a duplicate service to Hub and need to configure the licenses manually.

To delete a license:

  1. Next to the service from which you want to remove the license, click the Delete license button.

  2. Confirm the action in the dialog.

    • The license is removed from the service.

    • The service is removed from the Licenses page.

Granting Licenses with User Limits

Many of the services that can be managed by Hub have user license limitations. You can manage license assignments for users and groups on the License tab of the service itself. For more information, see Manage Service Licenses.

Last modified: 18 June 2024