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A service is any application or service that can be connected to and registered in Hub. Hub itself is a service.

When a service is connected to Hub, it is assigned a unique service_id and service secret — the credentials of the service in the system. If you want to connect to a service using the REST API, you need to know the service_id to authorize and access the service. These properties are displayed on the Settings tab for each service.

Services Page

All of the services that are connected to Hub are shown on the Services page. To access this page, select Services from the Server Settings section of the Administration menu. The table on this page displays the following information:

  • The name of the service. Click the name to access the settings page for a specific service.

  • The current trust status.

  • The service URL. A warning icon indicates that the service does not use a secure connection.

  • The name of the application that supports the service.

  • The name of the license that is applied to the service.


The following controls are available on this page:



New Service

Opens the Create Service dialog. Use to add a new service to Hub.


This button is displayed when you select a service in the list. Click this button to toggle the trust relationship for a service.


This button is displayed when you select a service in the list. Click this button to remove a service from Hub. When you delete a service from Hub:

  • User management for the service is no longer supported by Hub.

  • All of the resources and permissions for the service are deleted.


Shows or hides the sidebar. The Details sidebar displays additional information for the selected service, including the permissions and resources that are associated with the service.

Last modified: 14 March 2024