Hub 2022.3 Help

Change Database Location for MSI

The default directory where Hub stores data contains the following subdirectories:




Contains the database for the Hub service


May contain other internal product data

When you copy your existing database to the new location, make sure the new location uses the same folder structure that is shown here.

Structure of the Hub database directory

You can use the following procedure to change the database location for MSI distributions. To execute these commands in an MSI distribution, open the Command Prompt window as an administrator.

To change the database location:

  1. Back up the database. Just in case.

  2. Stop the Hub service. For specific instructions, see Start and Stop Hub MSI.

  3. Move your existing database to the new database directory. Make sure that the local user JetBrainsHub has full access to the new data directory and all its content.

  4. Enter the following configure command to set the location of the new data directory:

    <hub_home> bin\hub.bat configure --data-dir=<new Hub database directory>

    For an MSI installation, the <hub_home>\bin directory is the location where the MSI distribution was installed. The default installation directory is C:\Hub

  5. Start the Hub service. For specific instructions, see Start and Stop Hub MSI.

Other Directories

If you move your database to another server, you may also want to change the location where Hub stores logs and temp files.

To change the location of these files, follow the same procedure that is described for changing the database location and execute the following commands in the script file:




configure --backups-dir=<new Hub backups directory>


configure --logs-dir=<new Hub logs directory>


configure --temp-dir=<new Hub temp directory>

Last modified: 08 March 2021