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Restore a Service

If you want to restore a service in Hub, it's usually because you or another administrator deleted the service by mistake. When the service is deleted in Hub, it might not be accessible anymore. That's because many of its permission checks are delegated to the external Hub service but Hub no longer recognizes or trusts the external service.

The process for restoring a deleted service depends on how tightly it integrates with Hub.

  • Services that don't supply permissions or resources to Hub can be restored just by opening the Services page and adding them again. For instructions, see Add a Service to Hub.

  • Services that are fully integrated with Hub (like YouTrack) cannot be restored as easily. These services provide their own sets of permissions that are added to Hub roles and resources that are added to Hub projects. When the service is deleted, these permissions and resources are also removed from Hub.

Restore from Backup

If you have accidentally deleted an integrated service, the best solution is to restore Hub using a copy of the database that was saved before the service was deleted.

  1. Open the Audit Events page in Hub.

  2. Locate the Remove event that corresponds with the deletion of the service that you want to restore.

  3. Restore your Hub database using the most recent backup copy that was saved before the service was deleted. For detailed instructions, refer to the instructions for your distribution type:

Restore a Service Manually

If you don't have a usable backup copy of your database, you can attempt to restore the service manually.

  1. Add a new service for the deleted service on the Services page in Hub. For detailed instructions, see Add a Service to Hub.

  2. Change the service secret on the profile page for the new service. Make a note of the secret, as you also need to update this value in the connected service. For detailed instructions, see Change the Service Secret.

  3. Click the Trust button on the service settings page to trust the new service in Hub.

  4. Make a note of the ID for the new service on the service settings page.

  5. Update the ID and secret of the new service in the configuration files for the connected service that was deleted from Hub.

    • To learn how to update these values in the configuration files for YouTrack, refer to the documentation for YouTrack Server.

  6. Restart the connected service.

At this point, the deleted service should start successfully. To ensure that everything is working as it was prior to when the service was deleted, verify the following configurations in Hub:

  • Any roles that are not provided by Hub by default will no longer contain any of the roles that were added from the deleted service.

    Check all of the roles in Hub and add lost permissions where necessary. For instructions see Manage Permissions.

  • The connected service will try to recreate resources automatically on startup. It tries to find the best possible match for a Hub project and add these resources to it. However, in some cases the resources could be attached to the wrong Hub project or moved to the Global project instead.

    Review the list of resources that are provided by the service on the Resources tab of the service profile. If any resources are not allocated to the correct project in Hub, use the Change project operation to move the resource to the right project.

Last modified: 25 April 2024