Hub 2024.1 Help

Roll Back to Built-in Hub

After you migrate your data from built-in Hub to an external Hub service, you can only roll back to the in-application user management by restoring your data from the pre-migration backup. This means that any changes that were made in the external Hub service are lost.

To roll back to the built-in Hub service:

  1. Restore the YouTrack application from a backup copy of the database. For specific instructions, refer to the YouTrack documentation.

  2. In the external Hub, select Services from the Server Settings section of the Administration menu.

  3. Select the YouTrack service in the list, and click the trash button in the toolbar.

    • The YouTrack service is removed from Hub.

    • User management for the YouTrack service is no longer supported by the external Hub.

    • All of the resources and permissions for the service are deleted from the external Hub.

One of the key features of an external Hub service was its support for seamless integration between YouTrack and Upsource. Since Upsource is no longer available as a commercial product, your organization may have stopped using it. If you were only using the external Hub to support this integration and are no longer using Upsource, you can simplify your setup by migrating from YouTrack Standalone with an external Hub to YouTrack Cloud, which only uses the built-in Hub service. After migration, all of your Hub and YouTrack data will be hosted and managed by JetBrains.

An alternative path for rolling back from built-in Hub for a YouTrack Server installation can also be supported by migrating from Server to Cloud, then migrating back to YouTrack Server using the database exported from the new YouTrack Cloud instance. For detailed instructions, please refer to the YouTrack documentation.

Last modified: 19 April 2024