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In Hub, a search box lets you filter the list of entities that you currently view. The context of the search query is the type of the entity that you search for. For example, when you use the search box on the Users page, you can search only for user accounts with parameters that are specific to user accounts in Hub. To search for, let's say, a connected service, you need to open the Services page and use the search box there.

To get started, open the desired page in Hub and move the focus to the search box. Then, enter a search query.

Search Queries

Search queries are applied only within the context of the current page. This means that the list of available search attributes and options depends on the type of entity that you search for.

Hub processes a search query without a logical operator as follows:

  • Attributes of the same type are "joined" with the OR operator.

  • Attributes of the different type are "joined" with the AND operator.

For example, all the following queries return users that have a Google login and are members of either the "Stormtroopers" or "Ewoks" user group.

authModule: Google group: Stormtroopers, Ewoks authModule: Google group: Stormtroopers group: Ewoks authModule: Google and group: Stormtroopers, Ewoks authModule: Google and (group: Stormtroopers or group: Ewoks)

In general, a search query contains one or more of the following:

  • An attribute-value pair. For example, login: g.lucas.

  • A Boolean search keyword-attribute pair. For example, is: trusted.

  • A special sub-query that lets you search for an entity by a complex property of an entity. For example, access(project: {Clone Wars}, role: Darth) sub-query to search for users who have the Darth role granted in the "Clone Wars" project.

  • An arbitrary text string to search for in an attribute of an entity.

For the formal description of the grammar, refer to the Search Query Grammar page.

Query Completion

Hub provides query completion in the search box. Query completion helps you select suggested keywords and values based on your current input.

To display query completion at any caret position in the search box, press Ctrl+Space or Alt+Down.

Sample Search Queries

The following table provides a few examples of search queries.

Search Query



name: {George Lucas}


Returns all user accounts with the full name "George Lucas".

access(project: {Death Star})


Returns all users that have access to the project "Death Star"

access(project: {Death Star})


Returns all groups that have access to the project "Death Star"

access(project: {Death Star})


Returns all services that have access to the project "Death Star"

user: Vader access(project: {Death Star}, with: Darth)


Returns all groups that contain the user "Vader" and have "Darth" role granted for the "Death Star" project.

resource(service: {Galactic Empire}) accessible(for: Vader)


Returns all projects that contain resources from the service "Galactic Empire" and are accessible for the user "Vader".

permission: {Create Project}


Returns all roles that contain the "Create Project" permission.

defaultRole: {Military Executor}


Returns all services that provide the default "Military Executor" role.

Last modified: 18 June 2024