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Switch Between Third-party Proxy and Built-in TLS

Switch from Third-party Proxy to Built-in TLS

Switching from a third-party TLS-terminating proxy to Hub's built-in TLS or vice-versa requires no specific procedures and can be done with the following steps:

To switch from a third-party TLS-terminating proxy to the Hub's built-in TLS:

  1. Disable your third-party TLS-terminating proxy.

  2. Enable the Hub's built-in TLS as described above, choosing either of the two available certificate storage options: HTTPS (keystore) or HTTPS (privateKeyAndCert).

Switch from Built-in TLS to Third-party Proxy

To switch from the Hub's built-in TLS to a third-party TLS-terminating proxy:

  1. Switch Hub to the HTTP mode.

  2. Configure and enable a third-party proxy.

Last modified: 18 June 2024