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Build profiles define the type of executing Maven goals, and affect the way Maven projects are imported. For example, you can define dedicated release, test or debug profiles.

Profiles are declared in the <profiles> section of a pom.xml file. You can view the profiles defined in your pom.xml files in the Profiles list of the Maven Projects tool window.

Adding profile tag to the profiles section of a pom.xml file adds a new profile check box under the Profiles node:



Do not forget to sync every time you change your pom.xml file in order to view the changes in the Maven Projects tool window. When the pom.xml is changed, a pop-up window is displayed suggesting you to synchronize it. You can do it using the Re-import button in the editor, or refresh.png button in the toolbar of the Maven Projects tool window.

To toggle between active and inactive state of a profile
  1. In the Maven Projects tool window, expand the Profiles node and select the desired profile.
  2. To activate a profile, select its check box. To deactivate profile, clear its check box.

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