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The Felix framework integrator provides integration for Apache Felix.

As there is no single downloadable package containing both sources and binary bundles, you need to download all the items separately and specify their location.

To provide all the items the integrator expects to find, perform the following general steps
  1. Download the binary ZIP or tar archive of Apache Felix and unpack its felix-<version> subfolder to the desired location.


    At the time of this writing the current version of Apache Felix is 1.0.3, so the downloadable binary ZIP or tar contains a folder felix-1.0.3.

  2. Specify the location of felix-<version> as the base folder for the integrator. The integrator loads the bundle JARs from the bin and bundle subfolders.
To enable access to the sources of the bundles in IntelliJ IDEA
  1. In the base folder, create an src folder with the bin and bundle subfolders.
  2. Copy all source ZIP archives for felix.jar into the src/bin folder. and should be put here.


    Unfortunately, sources for some classes in felix.jar are missing in the archives and you'll have to additionally download some files, such as, and put them here to get the sources for all classes.

  3. Store the source ZIP archives for the other bundles in the src/bundle folder.


    Do not change the source ZIP of any of the bundles. The integrator expects to find the Felix specific folder structure inside them. A source ZIP named will contain the sources in the folder mybundle-1.00/src/main/java.

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