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Suppose you have a branch branch1 based on master. While you are working in branch1, some updates have been committed to master.
The diagram below illustrates rebasing branch1 so that it applies on top of the current HEAD of master.


By default, the commits 1, 2, and 3 are applied one after another in the chronological order. To skip, edit, squash commits or change their order, run rebase in the interactive mode.

To apply a branch entirely on top of the current head of the master
  1. Initiate the rebase procedure.
  2. Clear the Preserve Merges check box.
  3. Clear the Interactive check box.
  4. From the Onto drop-down list, select the master branch.
  5. Clear the selection in the From drop-down list, if anything is selected.
  6. From the Merge Strategy drop-down list, select Default.
  7. Click the Rebase button. The rebase process starts. View the rebase log in the Version Control tool window, resolve conflicts that arise, and resume rebasing.

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