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The settings of the default profile will be applied to any project file that is not included in any scope or belongs to a scope, which has no associated copyright profile.

To associate a profile with a scope
  1. Open the Project Settings dialog box and click the Copyright node. The Copyright page that opens displays the mappings between the available copyright profiles and scopes.
  2. Click add ( or or or or ). A row to define a new mapping is created.
  3. From the Scope drop-down list, select the desired scope.


    To define a new scope, open the Scopes page or click the link in the lower part of the current page.

  4. From the Copyright drop-down list, select the profile to apply to the selected scope.
  5. Continue composing the list of scope-profile mappings. Use add ( or or or or ) or delete () to add or remove the items. To reorder the mappings, use arrowUp ( or ) and arrowDown ( or ).
To set the default copyright profile for a project
  1. Open the Project Settings dialog box and click the Copyright node.
  2. In the Copyright dialog box that opens select the desired copyright profile from the Default project copyright drop-down list.


    If you select No copyright, any attempt to generate a copyright notice will fail and IntelliJ IDEA will prompt you to create a profile to apply.

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