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IntelliJ IDEA supports version control in a project by directories. This means that each directory can be versioned under its own version control system.

To associate a directory with a version control system
  1. Open the Version Control settings page. This page displays a table of directories and the version control systems associated with them.


    By default, the table contains only one row for the <Project Root>, with no version control system assigned to it.

  2. Click the Add button. The Add VCS Directory Mapping dialog box opens.
  3. Type the path to the desired directory, or click browseButton to the right of the Directory field and navigate to the desired directory.
  4. From the VCS list, select the version control system to be used for controlling files in this directory.


    Shown in the list are only the version control systems for which the corresponding plugins are currently enabled. See Managing Plugins.


    Optionally, click the Configure VCS button. The Version Control Configurations dialog box opens where you can configure settings for the selected version control system (see the corresponding configuration settings in the Version Control settings page reference for details).

  5. Click OK to save the mapping and return to the Version Control page.

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