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When a breakpoint is set, the editor displays a breakpoint icon in the gutter area to the left of the affected source code. A breakpoint icon denotes status of a breakpoint, and provides useful information about its type, location, and action.

The icons serve as convenient shortcuts for managing breakpoints. Clicking an icon removes the breakpoint. Successive use of - click on an icon toggles its state between enabled and disabled. The settings of a breakpoint are shown at the tooltip when a mouse pointer hovers over a breakpoint icon in the gutter area of the editor, or by right-clicking an icon.


The table below summarizes the possible breakpoint states:

Status Line
Temporary Line Exception Method Field Description
Enabled set_breakpoint breakpointTemporary exception_breakpoint method_breakpoint field_watchpoint Shows at design-time or during the debugging session when the class with such breakpoint is not yet loaded.
Valid verified_breakpoint N/A N/A verified_meth_breakpoint valid_field_watchpoint Shows at run-time when the breakpoint is recognized by the debugger as set on an executable code line.
Invalid invalid_breakpoint invalid_breakpoint N/A invalid_meth_breakpoint invalid_field_watchpoint Shows when the breakpoint is set on a commented or non-executable line indicating that such breakpoint would not be hit.
Disabled disabled_breakpoint disabled_breakpoint disabled_exception_breakpoint disabled_meth_breakpoint disabled_field_watchpoint Indicates that nothing happens when the breakpoint is hit.
Conditionally disabled con_disabled con_disabled con_disabled_exception con_disabled_meth con_disabled_field This state is assigned to breakpoints when they depend on another breakpoint to be activated.

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