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The Changes tool window enables you to manage changelists and files within them, perform VCS-specific actions, or view modifications introduced by other team members. The actions can be performed using the toolbar buttons, or context menu commands.


Changes tool window is only available when version control is enabled in your project.



You can invoke Reformat Code action (Ctrl+Alt+L) on a changelist. In this case Reformat Files dialog with different options becomes available.

The tool window consists of several tabs. The Local is always present, the set of other tabs depends on the version control system used in your project.

Title bar context menu and buttons

The title bar context menu provides the options for controlling the tool window viewing modes. It also contains the commands for associating the tool window with a different tool window bar, resizing and hiding the tool window.

To access the menu, right-click the window title bar.

Note that most of the menu options may alternatively be accessed by means of the title bar buttons.

Toolbar icon Context menu command Description
viewMode Pinned, Docked, Floating, Split Mode These options let you control general appearance and behavior of the tool window, see Viewing Modes.
Move to To associate the tool window with a different tool window bar, select this command, and then select the destination tool window bar (Top, Left, Bottom or Right).
Resize To resize the tool window by moving one of its borders, select this command, and then select the necessary Stretch to option.

Note that this command is not available in the floating mode.

Hide Use this command to hide the tool window.


When used in combination with the key, clicking this button hides all the tool windows attached to the same tool window bar.

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