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For certain facet types (e.g. GWT), you can change certain settings for all the existing facets at once.

Note that for most of the facet types this feature is not available.

To change the settings for all facets of the same type
  1. Open the Project Structure dialog ().
  2. In the left-hand pane, click Facets.
  3. In the area under project_structure_toolbar_2_facets, select the facet type of interest.

    Note that the facet types are shown for existing facets only, and appear at the top hierarchical level. The existing facets are shown within the corresponding type, at the second level.

  4. In the right-hand part of the dialog, select the All Facets tab (if present).


    Configure the settings as necessary.

  5. Click Apply or OK in the Project Structure dialog.

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