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Code folding lets you collapse (fold) code blocks, reducing them to a single visible line. In this way, you can hide the details that, at the moment, seem unimportant. If and when necessary, the folded code blocks can be expanded (unfolded).

Folded code blocks are shown as shaded ellipses.

You can fold (collapse) and unfold (expand) the code blocks by using:

  • Code folding toggles (foldingMinusStart, foldingMinusEnd or foldingPlus). These toggles are shown in the editor to the left of the corresponding blocks. If a block is not folded, foldingMinusStart indicates the beginning of the block while foldingMinusEnd is located at its end. For folded blocks, the toggle is shown as foldingPlus.
  • Commands of the Folding menu. The Folding menu can be accessed from the main menu bar (Code | Folding) or as a context menu in the editor.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. The corresponding shortcuts are shown in the Folding menu.

To expand a folded code block, in addition, you can just click the corresponding block in the editor.

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