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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

File | Settings | Command Line Tool Support


This page appears in the Settings dialog box, when the Command Line Tool Support repository plugin is downloaded, installed, and enabled. The page shows a list of all PHP-specific and custom command line tools that are currently available at the IntelliJ IDEA level.


Tools with inconsistencies in the definition files are marked with the Invalid description icon icon_incorrect_description.png.

Use this page to enable integration with third-party PHP command line tools and define your own ones.

Item Tooltip and shortcut Description
Enabled When this check box is selected, the commands defined within the corresponding command line tool can be executed from IntelliJ IDEA.
Alias In this text box, specify the character string to use in command calls instead of the full path to the tool.

By default, IntelliJ IDEA assigns the following aliases:

  • s for Symfony.
  • zf for Zend Framework.
  • c for Composer.

Tool Path In this text box, specify the location of the tool's executable file.
Type This read-only field shows the official name of the third party command line tool.


  1. The field is available only if the Show tool type check box is selected.
  2. For custom command line tools the field is empty.
Show tool type
  • Select this check box to have the Type read-only field shown.
  • Clear this check box to have the Type read-only field hidden.
add Add
or or or or
Click this button to open the Choose Tool to Add dialog box and select the type of command-line tool to enable integration with. The available options are:
  • Custom Tool
  • Zend Framework 1 Tool
  • Zend Framework 2 Tool
  • Symfony
  • Composer
  • Drush
  • Tool based on Symfony Console

Depending on your choice, IntelliJ IDEA opens one of the following dialog boxes for specifying the location of the selected tool:

delete Remove
Click this button to have the selected tool removed from the list.
edit1 Open definition in editor Click this button to have IntelliJ IDEA open the .xml file with commands of the selected tool in the editor.
refresh Reload command list from executable Click this button to have IntelliJ IDEA refresh the list of commands of the selected tool.
Show console in In this area, specify where you want to enter commands. The available options are:
  • Pop-up - choose this option to have the Command Line Tools Input pane opened in a separate pop-up window and type commands there.
  • Tool window - choose this option to enter commands in the Input field in the bottom of the dedicated Command Line Tools Console tool window.
Console encoding From this drop-down list, choose the character set to show the tool's output in the Command Line Tools Console Tool Window.

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