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File | Settings | Compiler | Gradle

Use this page to specify settings for compiling Android-Gradle projects.

Item Description
Compile independent modules in parallel (may require larger heap size) Select this check box if you need to compile independent modules in parallel.
For more information, see decoupled projects.
VM Options In this field specify VM options for your Gradle compiler.

When specifying the options, follow these rules:

  • Use spaces to separate individual options, for example, -client -ea -Xmx1024m.
  • If an option includes spaces, enclose the spaces or the argument that contains the spaces in double quotes, for example, some" "arg or "some arg".
  • If an option includes double quotes (e.g. as part of the argument), escape the double quotes by means of the backslashes, for example, -Dmy.prop=\"quoted_value\".
Make project automatically (only works while not running/debugging) Select this check box if you only need to compile your project.

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