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Tools | Composer | Init Composer

In this dialog box, choose the instance of Composer to use in the current project among all the instances configured in IntelliJ IDEA. For more details, see Enabling and configuring the use of Composer Dependency Manager in IntelliJ IDEA.

Item Description
Path to composer.phar In this text box, specify the location of the composer.phar archive to use in the current project. Type the path manually or click the Browse button browseButton.png and choose the desired location in the dialog box that opens. IntelliJ IDEA parses the contents of the specified file for Composer commands.
Click here to download from Click this link to have IntelliJ IDEA download composer.phar from the official storage and specify the folder to store the archive in. This instance of Composer will be available in the current project only. To use it in the command line mode, configure it as a command line tool.

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