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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

The Configure SSH Tunnel dialog opens when you click Configure SSH on the Database tab in the Data Sources and Drivers dialog.

Use this dialog to enable SSH tunneling and to specify the associated settings.

Item Description
Use SSH tunnel Select this check box to set up and use an SSH tunnel for accessing a remote database via an SSH proxy.
Proxy host Specify the hostname (domain name) or IP address of the SSH proxy server that you are using. The SSH proxy server host must be accessible by the specified hostname or IP address from your local computer.
Port Specify the port on which your SSH proxy server accepts SSH connections. The port number 22 suggested by IntelliJ IDEA is the standard port used by SSH servers. Change this number if your SSH proxy server uses a different port.
Proxy user Specify the name of the SSH proxy user.
Auth type Specify the user authentication type used by your SSH proxy. Select:
  • Password for password-based authentication.
  • Key pair (Open SSH) for key-based authentication.
Proxy password For password-based authentication: specify the password for the SSH proxy user.
Private key file For key-based authentication: specify the path to the file where the corresponding private key is stored. Type the path in the field, or click browseButton () and select the file in the dialog that opens.
Passphrase For key-based authentication: specify the passphrase for the private key if the key is locked with the passphrase.

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