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IntelliJ IDEA supports debugging for Java and Groovy applications, classes, and files. The debugging functionality is incorporated in IntelliJ IDEA, you only need to configure its settings.

The following is available only in the Ultimate edition of IntelliJ IDEA

Depending on the plugins enabled, IntelliJ IDEA can also support debugging for other languages, for example, JavaScript , Flex or PHP .


Debugging for JavaScript applications is supported only in the Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

To configure settings required for debugging, perform the following general steps
  1. In the Project Structure dialog box, configure the roots, dependencies and libraries to be passed to the compiler .
  2. In the Settings dialog box, configure the debugger options:
    • Under the Project Settings section, under Compiler, click Java Compiler, or RMI Compiler, and select the check box Generate debugging info.
    • Under the IDE Settings section, click Debugger, and define the debugger options as required.

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