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In JetGradle tool window, the entities are color-coded. By default:

  • The unchanged entities are shown black.
  • The entities that exist in IntelliJ IDEA structure only, are shown blue.
  • The entities that exist in Gradle project only, are shown green.
  • The entities that contain conflicts (that is existing on both sides, but with different properties), are shown red.
  • The outdated libraries are shown yellow.

However, you can change the default color settings.

To configure Gradle colors
  1. Open the IDE Settings, and make sure that you are working with an editable copy of the color scheme.
  2. Under the Editor node, expand Colors&Fonts, and then click Gradle.
  3. In the list of entities, choose the one to be modified. The selected entity is marked with an arrow in the Preview pane.
  4. Change the font type and colors as required:


  5. Apply changes and close the dialog.

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