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The module root settings enable you to define production and test roots within the module contents. Also, you can exclude certain roots from parsing, compilation and testing.

To configure module roots
  1. Open module settings dialog.
  2. Select the desired module, and click the Sources tab.
  3. To add content roots, click the Add Root button addRoot and locate the desired roots in the Select content root directory dialog.
  4. Mark the roots or their subfolders as Source, Test or Excluded. To do it, select a folder in the module tree-view, and click one of the following buttons:


    To unmark the selected roots, use the button unmark, or the toggle buttons source, test, or excluded.

  5. Define absolute or relative paths to the external resources of the modules, choosing Absolute or Relative radio-buttons.


You can use the Compiler settings to exclude certain roots from compilation, but still keep them accessible for editing.

To remove a content root
  1. Open the Project Structure settings.
  2. In the Sources tab, select the content root to be deleted.
  3. Click the Remove Content Entry button web_ide_remove_content_root.png:


  4. Confirm deletion.

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