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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

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Assembly Descriptor References - Message Destination References pane

The dialog box opens when you click the Add button add and select Message Destination Reference in the context menu.

Use this dialog box to specify the properties of the <message-destination-ref> element.

Item Property generated in web.xml Description
Name <message-destination-ref-name> In this field, specify the name of the logical message destination defined within the Web application.
Type <message-destination-type> In this drop-down list, select the expected Java type of the message destination reference.
browseButton Click this button to open the Choose Class dialog box.
Message Destination Usage <message-destination-usage> Use this drop-down list to specify how the Web application will process messages. The available options are:
  • Consumes
  • ConsumesProduces
  • Produces
Message Destination Link <message-destination-link> In this field, specify the message destination name.
Description <description> In this field, provide a description of the EJB remote reference.

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