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Item Description
Testing library Use these radio buttons to define the testing framework to be used.
Fix This button is available, when a library for the selected testing framework is missing. Click this button to add the jar archive of the selected testing framework to the list of module dependencies and libraries.
Class name Enter the name of the test class to be generated, or accept default.
Superclass For JUnit3, the superclass junit.framework.TestCase is suggested automatically. For the other supported frameworks, this field is blank.
Destination package Specify the name of the package where the generated test class will be stored. You can select the desired package from the recent history drop-down list, or type it directly in the text field. So doing, if a package with the specified name does not exist, if will be created automatically. Clicking browseButton.png enables you to choose one of the existing packages within your project.
Select these check boxes to include stub methods for test fixtures and annotations into the generated test class.
Show inherited methods Select this option to show all methods, including the inherited ones.
Generate test methods for In the table, select the check boxes next to the methods you want to generate test for.

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