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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

To be able to use the AspectJ support, in addition to enabling AspectJ support plugins, you should create a library containing aspectjrt.jar and add this library to dependencies of the modules in which you are going to develop your aspects.

aspectjrt.jar is included in AspectJ Development Kit (AJDK) which you can download from the AspectJ website.

To create a library for aspectjrt.jar and add it to module dependencies

By the time you start to perform this task, the AJDK must have already been downloaded and installed.

  1. Open the Project Structure dialog.
  2. Depending on whether you want to create the new library at the project or the IDE level, select Libraries or Global Libraries.
  3. Click add ( or or or or ) and select Java.
  4. In the dialog that opens, find and select aspectjrt.jar. (This file is located in <AJDK installation directory>\lib.)
  5. In the Choose Modules dialog, select the modules you want to add this library to as a dependency and click OK.
  6. Click OK in the Project Structure dialog.

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