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A correct Phing build file is an xml file with the root element <project>. Build files are created outside the Phing Build tool window and are normally stored under your PHP project root folder.. Find more about writing Phing build files in Phing Getting Started.

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To open the Phing Build tool window, do one of the following
  • If the Phing support is not enabled in the project, open a Phing build file in the editor or select it in the Project tool window, and then choose Add as Phing build file on the context menu of the selection.
  • If Phing is supported at the project level, choose View | Tool Windows | Phing Build on the main menu.
To configure a list of build files, perform these general steps
  • Open the Phing Build tool window.
  • To add a build file to the list, click the Add button add.png on the toolbar and choose the required .xml build file in the Select Phing Build File dialog box, that opens.
  • To remove a build file from the list, select the file and click the Remove button delete.png on the toolbar.
  • To navigate to the source code of a build file, select the desired file and choose Jump to Source on the context menu of the selection.

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