IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.0 Web Help

Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

When you create a Struts 2 module with the dedicated Web and Struts 2 facets, IntelliJ IDEA configures the module, downloads and adds all the necessary libraries automatically.

To create a struts 2 module with the dedicated facets
  1. Create a Java module from scratch.

    On the first page of the wizard, select Java Module, not Web Module. (The Web module type is for developing web applications using programming languages other than Java, for example, PHP, or JavaScript, or markup languages.)

  2. On the fourth, Select the desired technologies, page of the wizard, select the Web Application check box.
  3. Select the Struts 2 check box.
  4. Complete a list of configuration files to validate, if necessary.

IntelliJ IDEA configures the new module as follows:

  • Creates a web node with a web application descriptor web.xml.
  • Creates a Struts 2 configuration file struts.xml and adds it to the src node.
  • Adds the required Struts 2 libraries.

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