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IntelliJ IDEA provides Maven-specific form of run/debug configuration. When a Maven project is imported, each goal gets its own configuration, with the pre-defined name, project file, profiles, goals, and other settings.

You can save such configuration for future reuse, or create your own ones. When a configuration is created, it is added to the list of permanent configurations and becomes available from the drop-down list on the main toolbar:


In general, working with run/debug configurations follows the same procedure as described in the section Creating and Editing Run/Debug Configurations. This section provides a shortcut procedure, specially tailored for Maven integration.

To create a run/debug configuration for a maven goal
  1. In the Maven Projects tool window, expand a project and right-click the desired goal.
  2. On the context menu of the selection, choose Create "<project>[goal]":


    The Run/Debug Configuration dialog box for Maven opens, with the current Maven project, goal, profiles and other settings.

  3. Edit the run/debug configuration as required, and click OK.

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