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The Threads pane shows all threads of a process as a tree view, and allows exploring them, customizing thread view, and exporting to a file.

Thread status

Thread status Description
RUNNING The thread is active and running.
WAIT The thread is waiting for a monitor.
UNKNOWN The status of the thread cannot be determined.

Threads icons

Icon Description
1_threadGroup.png A thread group, or a collection of related threads that can be managed as a unit.
1_threadGroupCurrent.png The current thread group.
1_threadRunning.png An active thread.
1_threadSuspended.png A suspended thread.
1_threadFrozen.png A frozen thread.
1_threadAtBreakpoint.png A thread at breakpoint.
1_threadCurrent.png The current thread at breakpoint.

Context menu options

Item Description
Export Threads Use this item to open the Export Threads dialog box that allows you to export a thread to the specified text file.
Customize Threads View Use this item to manage contents of the Frames tab. For example, you can opt to show thread groups, line numbers etc.


Item Shortcut Description

Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the frame stack.
iconFilter Click this button to hide the frames from libraries. If this button is released, all frames are displayed.

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