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Use this tab to manage the behavior of the HotSwap mechanism.

Item Description
Make project before reloading classes This option controls Run | Reload Changed Classes action behavior. If it's turned on, the make process is performed before searching and reloading changed classes.
Enable "JVM will hang" warning If this check box is selected, then, on an attempt to perform HotSwap while JVM is suspended, a warning about the possible hanging of this JVM will be displayed.
Reload classes in background Select here whether you want to reload classes in background mode. This means, all progress messages will be displayed in a status bar.
Reload classes after compilation Use the controls in this area to configure behavior of the HotSwap mechanism.
  • Always - select this option to have classes reloaded automatically.
  • Never - when this option is selected, classes are not reloaded at all because the HotSwap mechanism is inactive.
  • Ask - select this option to have IntelliJ IDEA ask you whether to reload altered classes or not.

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