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Use this dialog box to configure behavior of the Debugger and customize its view.


Options concerning debug data view can be configured using Customize Data View dialog box from the Variables tab of the Debug tool window, as well as they can be configured here.

Use the root page to configure general debugger options. Note that options listed here are not applicable when debugging remote processes.

Item Description
Transport Select transport for connection to the process. Available options are socket and shared memory, which is available for Windows systems only.
Force classic VM for JDK 1.3.x and earlier Check this option to launch process to be debugged with classic VM.


For some Java SDK's this check box is disabled, because the -classic option should be forced automatically, or when no classic VM is available at all.

Disable JIT With this option you can control whether the -Djava.compiler=NONE parameter is specified when the application is launched. This parameter affects JIT compiler, and if the option is turned on, JIT compiler will be disabled.
Hide debug window on process termination Automatically hide the Debug window when the debugged program terminates.
10.0+ Focus on breakpoint If this check box is selected, on hitting a breakpoint, IntelliJ IDEA will show the location of this breakpoint in the editor and will attempt to bring its frame to the front.

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