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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.
To map local folders to remote folders and URL addresses
  1. Open the project settings and move to the Deployment page.


    Alternatively, choose Tools | Deployment | Configuration on the main menu.

  2. On the left-hand pane, select the server configuration to define mappings for and switch to the Mappings tab.


    If no applicable server configuration is available, create a new configuration.

  3. In the Paths area, define the mappings between local folders, destination folders, and corresponding URL addresses. Use the Add and Remove buttons to add and delete items to the list of mappings.
    • In the Local Path text box, specify the absolute path to the desired local folder in the project tree.
    • In the Deployment Path text box, specify the destination to upload the selected folder to. Type the path relative to the server configuration root or the path to the destination folder relative to the mounted folder.
    • In the Web Path text box, type the path relative to the server document root which is specified in the URL text box on the Deployment page.


    If the mapping for a project source root is missing, IntelliJ IDEA informs you about it. Click Fix to have the corresponding line added to the list and specify the mapping.

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