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If you think that some inspections report about the problems that do not seem serious, you can disable alerts for these inspections in the profiles you use to inspect your code.

You can temporarily disable alerts for certain inspections in the Inspection tool window, and thus clear the results report from unnecessary information.

Another option is to disable alerts "on-the-fly".

To disable an inspection
  1. Open the Inspections page of the Settings dialog box or click the current profile in the Status bar:


  2. Click the Configure inspection link:


  3. Expand the desired inspection node.
  4. Clear the check box next to the inspection, for which you want to disable alerts:


  5. Apply the changes and close the dialog box.
To disable inspections from the inspection results report
  1. In the Inspection tool window, select the inspection you want to disable.
  2. On the context menu, choose Disable inspection.
  3. Press the filter button commonfilter.png to hide the disabled inspection alerts.
To disable an inspection on-the-fly
  1. In the editor, press Alt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+Enter, Shift+Alt+J or Ctrl+Shift+MAlt Enter to reveal the inspection alert and suggestion list.
  2. Select the inspection to be disabled, then click right arrow button or just press the right arrow key.
  3. On the submenu, click Disable <inspection name>.

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