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The Tapestry technology in a module is supported through a dedicated Tapestry facet.


Only one Tapestry facet per module is allowed.

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To enable Tapestry support in a new module
  1. Create a new Java module from scratch.

    On the first page of the wizard, select Java Module, not Web Module. (The Web module type is for developing web applications using programming languages other than Java, for example, PHP, or JavaScript, or markup languages.)

  2. On the Technologies page of the wizard, select the Tapestry check box.
  3. In the Tapestry Settings area, specify the Tapestry libraries to use or download.
To enable Tapestry support in an existing module
  1. Open the Module Settings dialog box.
  2. With the desired Java module selected, click add.png on the toolbar, and select Tapestry from the list of facets available for this module.
  3. Click the Tapestry facet node. In the Facet 'Tapestry' dialog box, specify the application configuration settings:
    • Application filter is the filter that will be configured in your web.xml
    • Application package is the application root package.

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