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File | Settings | IDE Settings | Keymap - Enter Mouse Shortcut


The dialog box opens when you select an action and click the Add Mouse Shortcut button. Use this dialog box to bind the selected action with a new mouse shortcut, which may be a single or a double clicking one of the mouse buttons or the wheel button.

The resulting mouse shortcut is marked with the mouse_shortcut icon in the Shortcuts list.

Item Description
Click Count In this area, specify the type of mouse click to be assigned to the selected action. The available options are:
  • Single Click
  • Double Click
Click Pad Click the desired mouse button anywhere in this area.


The number of clicks in this area does not affect the shortcut configuration. No matter how many times you click a button, the click type chosen in the Click Count area will be assigned.

Shortcut Preview This read-only field shows the newly defined shortcut.
Conflicts This read-only field shows messages about conflicts that arise if a suggested mouse shortcut is already in use.


You can ignore a conflict and assign a shortcut to several actions. However it is strongly recommended that you avoid binding two actions with the same shortcut, because the priority of these actions is not defined.

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