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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

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Assembly Descriptor References

In this pane, define the <env-entry> element that declares an environment entry for a Web application.

Based on the settings you specify in this pane, IntelliJ IDEA generates the properties of the <env-entry> element in the web.xml descriptor.

Item Property generated in web.xml Description
Environment Entries <env-entry-name> Specify the name of the environment entry.
iconEditReference Click this button to open the Edit Environment Entry dialog box.


The button is available only in a selected row.

Type <env-entry-type> Use this drop-down list to select the Java type of the environment entry.
Description <description> Provide a description of the environment entry.
addDescription Click this button to open the Description dialog box for entering a description.


The button is available only when the Description field is selected.

Value <env-entry-value> Specify the value of the environment entry.

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