IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.0 Web Help

File | Export to HTML

Use this dialog to save selected files in HTML format.

Item Description
File <name> Click this radio button to print the file currently selected in the Project view, or open in the editor.
Selected text Click this radio button to print the text selected in the editor.
All files in the directory Click this radio button to print all files in the current directory.
Include subdirectories Check this option to print the files in the subdirectories of the current directory.
Output directory Specify the fully qualified path to the directory, where the resulting HTML file will be stored.
Show line numbers Check this option to include line numbers in the resulting HTML file.
Generate hyperlinks to classes Check this option to replace class names wi the hyperlinks to the respective classes.
Open generated HTML in browser Check this option to show HTML file in the default browser after export.