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Refactor | Extract Method

Item Description
Visibility In this area, specify the visibility scope of the method to be generated.
Name In this text box, specify the name of the function or method to be generated on the basis of the selected source code.
12.0+Specify return type explicitly This check box is available if you invoke refactoring from the method of a Groovy class. Select this check box to return a data type of the value explicitly.
12.0+Use explicit return statement This check box is active if the method returns a value. You can omit return keyword if it is the last return statement in the method. If you select this check box the keyword is returned.
Parameters In this area, select parameters to be passed to the new method/function.


If any parameter that is critical for the functionality of the new method is not selected, IntelliJ IDEA will be unable to proceed with the refactoring.

Move Up/Down Use these buttons to change the order of the parameters.
Signature preview In this read-only field, view the declaration of the new method/function.

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